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Holistic Cattle ranching can save the Ogallala aquifer

Unsound Agriculture Rapes Man & Nature



Did you ever think of composting yourself when you die?

Pushing up daisies
is about the composting.
The Old Farmers Prayer is about the funeral service.


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February 2, 2004



For decades Malcolm Beck has focused on how to achieve and permanently maintain the finest soil quality.  He has taken time to write down for all of us much of what he has learned about composting and organic gardening.  With this web site, and Malcolm's books and products, any of us can do our own composting, grow better plants, or go into competition with him - because he's telling us his organic growing secrets!




Malcolm releases new edition of his classic book "The Garden-Ville Method." Watch this space.



Earth, the only planet known to support and sustain life, is home to many beautiful, fascinating and wonderful forms of life. The vast majority of these life-forms, both plant and animal, follow their instincts and live their lives in harmony with nature.

Humans, on the other hand, have free will as well as instincts. They have the freedom to be stupid, to be jealous, envious, and greedy. They can choose to make war on their own kind, pollute the environment, abuse the earth and other creatures living on it, and even allow abuse and erosion to destroy the thing that supports all life -- the soil.

"If you work with nature, nature will reward your efforts."