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PRODUCTS from the laboratory gardens of Malcolm Beck


How these products evolved

I grew up on a farm. Worked for other farmers and owned two farms of my own growing farm animals, fruit, nuts and vegetables. We called our farms Garden-Ville.

They were operated organically. We made compost to enrich our land. We soon learned making and selling compost was less of a risk then growing and selling vegetables.

In the Early 70s Garden-Ville became a horticulture supply company. By the late 90s Garden-Ville had nearly fifty ideas, innovations and products for sale that did not exist before.

After selling Garden-Ville in 1998, Malcolm Beck nor any of his heirs own any interest in Garden-Ville or the products Garden-Ville sales.  Naturally the Beck family wishes to see Garden-Ville survive and prosper.  The Beck family gave birth to Garden-Ville back in 1957 with many hours of hard work, lots of research, some setbacks and a lot of successes.  By 1998, the year they sold the business, the Beck's had 44 new ideas, innovations and products that did not exist before.

Now that the younger generation can handle the work of making and selling, I get to spend all of my time at what I love most. I watch quality, make improvements, design new stuff and get to write and talk about it all.

Malcolm Beck


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