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The Garden-Ville Method

publishing 2004

Malcolm has selected the following articles from his new edition of  The Garden-Ville Method to share with you.

Building Soil on the Farm

Cedar Flakes for Mulching & Growing

Experimenting with Magic Energy from Nature: Paramagnetism

Fertilizer: Organic (Natural) versus Chemical (Inorganic)

Health and Logic


Molasses - Sweet & Super


Mycorrhizae: Beneficial Fungi in Fertile Soil

Native Mulch Test Results

Natural Laws and World Economy

New Year's Resolutions for Gardeners

Observe the Cycle of Life

Our Future

Paunch Manure for Healthy Carnivores

Pecans the Perfect Food

Rejuvenating a Worn Out Farm

Returning Fertility to the Farm

Saving Seeds vs Genetically Engineered Seeds

Saving the Big Tree

Taming Root Rot

The Bats

The Birds and the Bees

The Life Cycle and Compost

The Many Benefits of Mulching

The Perfect Product

Understanding the Insects

WATER: Quality, Quantity & Organic Agriculture

Why and How to Use Biosolids

Why Recycle?

Why the Weeds Grow

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last updated:  June 11, 2004